Sag Harbor Bay Front – In Process

By Melissa Delihas on July 24th, 2013


“Sag Harbor Bay Front” is the first entry in a series of blog posts that will detail what is happening at Modern Green Home, both in and out of the office.  In the past year, we’ve grown from 2 to 10 fulltime employees, moved to Main St. Bridgehampton, and expanded our realm of design + build capability and experience.  With our roads and sidewalks filled full throttle with the Hamptons summer season, this feels like a good time to share.

This project is a custom home being built on protected Sag Harbor Cove for a city-based client.  The home was designed to strengthen the natural assets of the property.  Long spare walls on the east and west create privacy from neighboring properties, and ample floor-to-ceiling windows capture the views of the cove to the north and grassy meadow to the south.

The home will feature a full basement with east and west wings situated around a central entry. The east wing will hold master bedroom, kitchen, and dining on the first floor. Clerestory windows will bring extra light into the kitchen, and the long east wall will extend into the landscape.  The west wing will have two stories, with a living room and private guest suite on the first floor.  The upstairs offers a media room and a second guest suite on split levels.

Exterior finishes will balance the clean and delicate lines of hand-made custom steel windows in an industrial style, with a subtly complex background of charcoaled and oiled cedar siding.  This rich and rough exterior palette will be balanced by a bright white interior.  The analogy of a bay oyster, such as those found on the site, has been a consistent guide to development of the design.  The main floor of the house will feature a sequence of light filled rooms with a finish floor of white terrazzo. Dramatic cantilevers on the north and south add to the sense of enclosure and refuge.

The home will include energy efficient and green features. Continuous insulation will cover the outside of double-framed walls on the exterior. Closed cell spray foam and fiberglass batts will create high levels of insulation throughout. A rainscreen siding will shield the building from summer sun. Geo-thermal wells will heat and cool the floors throughout the year.  

Here are some in-process photos:

_DSC4736Readying for the first flow of concrete for integral retaining walls on the north side of the house.

_DSC4738Concrete being poured and spread in braced forms.

_DSC4745Troweled top of concrete retaining walls after the pour.  String lines ensure that the walls are straight and true over their entire length.

_DSC4754Retaining walls after the forms are removed.

_DSC4757Framed plywood deck over full basement, and retaining wall waiting for backfill. String lines and wooden ‘batter boards’ at each corner are used by the MGH crew to finalize the layout and dimensions of the steel frame.

IMG_0386Cast iron pipe exits the main house, and awaits connection to the septic system

IMG_0389Septic tank being carefully picked up.


IMG_0401Final position and measuring of septic system. Tank in foreground, and collection of leach pits in background.

IMG_0454 Steel beams prefabricated with cantilever outriggers being maneuvered into place.

Most connections in the structural steel frame are bolted together by the assembly crew. Significant pre-planning is required to ensure beam elevations and column connections are to plan.

IMG_0508East wing with steel frame complete, and wood framing begun.

Sag8West wing of main house, with first level of steel mostly complete.  The structure interweaves heavy steel with standard and engineered wood framing. Steel is essential to create cantilevers, and large glazed openings. Mixing in wood framing reduces total cost.

Sag5East wall of the east wing of the main house. The long side walls of the structure are framed with 2×6 and 2×4 walls offfset to each other. The final assembly will have R-6 continuous insulation on the exterior, and R-30 between studs.

Sag7Northwest corner of the main house. Steel is shown at full heigh on the east wing (left). West wing has steel structure up to first floor only. Second floor to follow.

Garage/gym framing under way. Large openings to the north will bring in ample natural light.

IMG_0304Walls complete and roof joists begun. Engineered i-joists easily handle the 20′ clear span.

Sag22Interior. Large north facing windows and a polished concrete floor will provide an industrial loft-like feel to the interior.

Sag11South exterior of the garage/gym building. Waterproof roof plywood and insulated waterproof wall sheathing is used throughout the project.

Sag31North exterior of the garage/gym Building. Center and lefthand openings will receive windows and doors. The lower righthand opening will have a garage door. 1″ thick polyiso insulation covers the exterior walls, and 2″ of extruded styrene insulation extends several feet below grade.

Sag9Northwest corner of garage/gym with sheathing complete.



2408 Montauk Highway #2A
Bridgehampton, NY 11932